General Information

Restaurants in Villejust

The hosting NRO recommends the following restaurants in Villejust. Of course, you can find many more restaurants in the area.

Poivre Rouge

3 Rue du Zéphyr
91140 Villejust

Meals from the barbecue – from 18 €


Rue d’Orsay
ZAC de Courtaboeuf
91140 Villejust

Italian – 20€ to 25€

La Criée

Avenue de l’Oceanie
ZAC Centre de Vie
91140 Villejust

Seafood – 30€

Currency in France

The official currency in France is Euros. Common credit cards are accepted by most banks, cash machines, restaurants, shops and hotels.

Adress of the cash machine that is located closest to the WCH working site:
Les 2 Ulis Avenue de l’Aubrac, 91940 Les Ulis

Currency exchange is possible in all bank branches and post offices in France. Occasionally, you can also find currency exchange offices in department stores, train stations, airports or near tourist attractions.

Road traffic

Right hand traffic is valid in France. For drivers and car occupants wearing a seatbelt is mandatory. For moped riders and motorcyclists a helmet and gloves are compulsory. Using a mobile phone without a hands-free system is prohibited.

The main taxi company is G7. You can call a taxi using the following number  +33 1 79 75 79 87.

Entry Requirements for France

EU citizens can reside in France for up to 3 months with a valid ID card or passport. All non-EU citizens should inform themselves in their home country about the current entry requirements at the French consulate.

ATTENTION: The driver’s license does not count as an identity card!
IMPORTANT: Please keep your passport or identity card with you at all times. This is necessary to prove your identity.